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Welcome to the Cheshire and Merseyside Patch Group Page. The Cheshire and Merseyside Librarians Group is one of three patch groups (along with Greater Manchester and Cumbria and Lancashire) in LIHNN.


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Terms of Reference

Next Meetings

Minutes and Papers from Previous Meetings

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Access Agreement


Terms of Reference

Purpose: To provide leadership in planning and development of library services to NHS staff and students across Cheshire and Merseyside in order to deliver quality library services in health and social care.  

Role of the group:

  • Provide a forum for communication and the sharing of information relevant to library service delivery in Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Maintain an overview of national and other policies and frameworks 
  • Identify and share good practice
  • Identify opportunities for best practice and sharing of resources
  • Identify funding opportunities for resources
  • Co-ordinate developments across Cheshire and Merseyside
  • Raise the profile of NHS library services in Cheshire and Merseyside  

Membership: Membership will be made up of senior NHS Library staff and their representatives fron all services in Cheshire and Merseyside and from the Health Care Libraries Unit. It will include representatives from academic libraries and other institutions providing services to NHS staff and students  

Meetings: Meetings will take place 4-6 times a year. They are are quorate when 50% of members are present.  

Officers of the Group: Officers of the Group will be elected or re-elected as required. Responsibilities for the positions of Chair and Secretary to the Group will be agreed annually at the final meeting of the year.  

Administrative arrangements: The Chair of the Group will be responsible for

  • Preparing and distributing the agenda prior to the meetings
  • Keeping a record of matters arising and issues to be carried forward
  • Acting on behalf of the group (or nominating a deputy) in circumstances where group representation is required

The Secretary of the Group will be responsible for: 

  • Attending to take minutes of the meeting
  • Ensuring the minutes are published on the LIHNN website
  • Ensuring the date of the next meeting is published on the LIHNN website  

Staff Attending are responsible for:

  • Notifying the Chair of agenda items no less than 7 working days prior to the meetings
  • Attending meetings or sending a representative if they cannot attend
  • Acting as ‘champions’ to disseminate information and good practice as appropriate.   

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Next Meetings

Date and Time
Show & Tell
Chair Location
Monday 28th January 2019 (provisionally)      


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Minutes and Papers from Previous Meetings

 October  July  April  January


Minutes and Meeting Theme Papers
Minutes from 16 October 2018 (revised  - 16 November 2018)  
Minutes from 12 July 2018  
Minutes from 25 April 2018  

Minutes from 29 January 2018



Minutes and Meeting Theme  Papers

12th October 2017

A fishbowl conversation


Minutes from 19 July 2017

Getting induction right


 25 April 2017 - to follow

Current challenges and how to resolve them


Minutes from 23 January 2017

Information for patients and the public



Minutes and Meeting Theme Papers

Minutes from 11 October 2016

Library promotion that works


Minutes from 21 July 2016

Knowledge management


Minutes from 19 April

Embedding your service


Minutes from 11 January

Annual Reports (Susan Smith)

Papers are embedded in the minutes
Minutes and Meeting Theme Papers

Minutes from 14 October

Use of fiction in health library services (Lead: John Gale)


Minutes from 22 July

Research and development/audit (Lead: Stephen Molloy)


Minutes from 20 April

Statistics – why and how we collect them and what we do with them (Lead: Lynda Cotterill).

Plus tour & talk about Neurosupport service. (Janet Ireland)

JET Annual Report 2013-2014 

Minutes from the 15 January

Demonstrating impact (Cath McCafferty)

Literature Searching Service Evaluation Questionnaire

Training Impact Questionnaire

Training evaluation - JET

JET Library Training Evaluation Survey

Evidence into Practice - RLBUHT Library Service 


Year Minutes Papers
2014 October  
2013 May  
January Presentation from Soutron
2012 October  
July From Design to Delivery: Cheshire and Merseyside Perspectives - Joe McArdle

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Access Agreement to Cheshire and Mersey library services

The Cheshire and Mersey health libraries have created an 2007 access agreement that specifies what services NHS staff can expect to receive when they visit a library other than their home library. This was revised in July 2013 (MS Word) or July 2013 (PDF version) and the details for Southport and Ormskirk are now revised.

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Use of fiction in health library services (Lead: John Gale)