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Welcome to the page that provides information for people who have just joined a library service in the LIHNN network.


Health Care Libraries Unit (HCLU) Induction for New Starters

The HCLU team run a twice yearly induction event where new starters (library assistants through to library managers) can visit the HCLU office and find out about the work of HCLU and an introduction to the LIHNN network. Check out the Events Calendar for the next induction or contact HCLU direct.

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Helping Hands Wiki

We have produced a Wiki called Helping Hands that:

  • collects and collates information and tacit knowledge useful to new starters in NHS library and information services 
  • provides a handbook of the general information most needed by new library staff, particularly library managers as they are most likely to take up a post with a unique role in the organisation
  • identifies and directs the reader to existing online materials and other resources 

The information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that it is still relevant to your needs.

Please add your comments so we know what you think about it and what needs to be added.

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Support for New Managers 

The support HCLU and LIHNN provides for a new manager is guided by them and will be individual to each manager. The idea is to create a culture across the network where new managers feel supported which builds upon the work already taking place within LIHNN.
When a manager leaves: Send them the list of attached questions or, if possible, go and see them. The idea is to ask them to fill in as much as they can. It is long but they can fill in as much or as little as they see fit. If the answers to the questions are held in another file etc. they can just direct their successor to that.
When a new manager is appointed: Aim to make contact with them before they start particularly if they are from outside the network. If they wish, arrange for them to subscribe to the LIHNN list and the library managers list so they can start to get use to names and get a flavour of what is going on. Set up a meeting with them in their first couple of weeks. If their starting coincides with a LIHNN/HCLU briefing, New Starters event or a Library Managers meeting make sure they know about it and are invited.
When a manager starts: The HCLU CPD and Partnerships Manager will go to see them in the first couple of weeks. This meeting is to ensure that they are signed up to all the appropriate lists and resources including the LIHNN website and wiki and to discuss what help they would like. This could be anything from providing them with a buddy whom they could turn to for questions; suggesting a mentor to assist them with specific tasks such as completing the LQAF, writing strategy or financial matters; arranging a meeting with David Stewart to go through the NHS structure; setting up an away day with their team or sourcing more formal training. This will be guided by them. This is also an opportunity to make them aware of any relevant LIHNN groups which would be of interest to them and flag up any training which is coming up in the near future.  
Three months later: The HCLU CPD and Partnerships Manager will go and see the manager for a follow up meeting to discuss future needs and decide what, if any, further support is needed. For example they might not have felt the need for a mentor when it was first discussed but once their role has become clearer they have identified areas where they would like some additional support.


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Cheshire & Mersey Buddy Scheme

New starters may find themselves in a new post with no one in their library working in a similar role. The Buddy system (currently operating for staff in Cheshire and Merseyside libraries) is designed to give them advice from and access to, a more experienced person doing a similar job to them. These more experienced staff are referred to as ‘buddies’.

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